Use cases

How others utilize our powerful API

Discover creative ways to simplify communication, enhance security, and foster engagement with our API. From sending personalized SMS messages to building complex authentication systems

Instant feedback with SMS surveys

What did the course participants think of the course? Let them easily respond 1-10 as an SMS reply. Follow up with additional questions if you wish.

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Strengthen security with SMS-based 2FA

Send a unique, one-time login code via SMS as part of a two-factor authentication (2FA) process. A simple, yet powerful method of increasing account security.

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En person som pratar i telefon

Securely Verify Incoming Calls with BankID

Ensure the identity of the person calling you through BankID. Perfect for businesses that handle sensitive information and want to be certain of who they are talking to.

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Get an SMS when someone logs in to your server

This immediate alert adds an extra layer of security by enabling quick detection and response to unauthorized logins. Perfect for IT administrators and companies aiming to maintain a high security standard for their systems

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