Programmable IVR

Programmable IVR gives you full control over each call that passes through the 46elks API. Create dialtone menus, record messages, play sounds or DTMF tones and connect out to other phones, all through simple JSON configuration.

No-fuss signup

Signup up and start testing without dealing with contracts, sales reps or MRCs. We’re here to talk when you’re ready to scale.

Transparent pricing

Pay only for what you use with no startup fees and no minimum monthly costs. Invoicing and volume discounts available for businesses.

Works in all projects

Swift, Rust, JavaScript, C++ — you can use the 46elks API no matter what language your codebase is written in.

Works in every country

Every incoming or outgoing call that passes through 46elks can be controlled via programmable IVR.

Simple JSON configuration

Control each step of the call with call actions in a simple JSON format.

No backend required

Set your static JSON in the dashboard to control calls without running your own servers.

Dynamic call flows

Get full control of the call flow via a simple webhook integration after each completed action.

Full metadata

Metadata such as duration and cost available in the dashboard, API or webhook upon call completion.

Call recording built-in

Automatically record your calls by adding one line of configuration to your JSON structs.

Get in touch

If you’re wondering how you can use 46elks for a project,
don’t hesitate to contact us.