Just send - send sms from your browser

Just send lets you send sms text messages from your browser. just send - send sms online from your browser

Zapier - Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows

With Zapier you can easily connect 46elks with hundreds of other services like Gmail, Trello, SurveyMonkey, Evernote, Facebook, Dropbox …

Set up connections called Zaps between your apps in minutes, and you can to stay up-to-date even when away from Slack with automatic SMS alerts, or forward SMS messages your 46elks number receives to any email addresses.

You can browse 46elks integrations with hundreds of apps on Zapier, build your own with no coding required, or try one of these examples right now:

Get SMS Alerts

React To SMS Messages

Get going! Sign up for Zapier + 46elks and try your self!

Flow XO - Build, host & manage bots in one platform

With Flow XO you can make your own bots without any programming needed.

This is a FlowXO bot that receives an SMS from your 46elks account and saves it to a Google Sheets document, followed by sending the SMS to any other phone:


AcySMS - AcySMS is an Joomla plugin for sending SMS.

With AcySMS you can connect your Joomla site to the 46elks API to communicate with your users over SMS.

This is what AcySMS looks like when you send an SMS: AcySMS send SMS

fmSMS – Send and Receive SMS/TXT Messages from FileMaker.

With fmSMS you can connect your FileMaker database to the 46elks API to communicate over SMS.

This is what fmSMS looks like when you send an SMS: fmSMS send SMS with FileMaker

How to Send SMS with Excel Add-in - 46elks

With the 46elks Excel add-in it is easy to send SMS to a list of phone numbers inside of Excel.

46elks Excel add-in

Available in the Office Market for Excel.

WordPress module for sending SMS using 46elks

It is possible to use the WP-SMS-46elks WordPress plugin to send SMS to the user list of a WordPress site.

Wordpress SMS plugin

The plugin can be downloaded from GitHub or Bitbucket.

Forward incoming SMS to Google Sheets

With some simple copy & pasting you can forward incoming SMS to Google Sheets.

Find out how in our guide "Forwarding Incoming SMS to Google Sheets".

Google Sheets Incoming SMS