Any programming language?

Yes, you can use the 46elks API from any programming language. Some languages and environments have built in support for HTTP POST, while others require you to import an HTTP client to your project.

Do I need to be a programmer?

If your software comes with an addon for 46elks, there’s no need for a programmer. However, if you need customizations someone has to write the code. If you contact us we will help you get in touch with good developers.

How do I change the account password?

You can change your password by going the login page and follow the link reset your password, enter your email and request the reset link.

What happens when I'm out of credits

Before you run out of credits, you will receive warning emails. Once your balance reaches 0, any API call that would result in your account being charged will fail.

What is an API

An HTTP API is a way for two computers to programmatically talk to each other. In our case, this allows software running on your computer to talk to the 46elks services which in turn will make things happen in the mobile networks. Such as send SMS text messages or make phones ring. Our API is a so called SMS API.

Where are your servers located?

All servers are located within Sweden and are owned by 46elks. We run our own servers in order to ensure the quality of the service and your privacy.

Is there any way to use the 46elks API with GET instead of POST?

Yes, that is possible if you can not use POST for security or technical reasons. All calls to the 46elks API can be made with GET, just add /POST to the end of any API resource. For example, you can use both POST /SMS and GET /SMS/POST to send an SMS. When using GET all parameters need to be urlencoded query parameters.

Phone numbers

Can I get my lost number back?

If you are lucky, you can. Contact and we’ll do our best.

What does a phone number cost

Each phone number you allocate usually cost 1 EUR per month, but you can find other currencies and the latest updated price list at our pricing page.

When you allocate a new phone number your account is directly charged one monthly fee and after one month your account will be charged the same fee again. We will continue to charge your account for each month the phone number is active, until you manually deactivate the number or you run out of credits.

Pricing and Payments

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, you start by sending your details: Company, Company VAT no, Address, ZIP, City, Country, Account-email and Invoicing-email to

We will then contact you to confirm the invoicing. We use a start invoice that works as a deposit for the account.

What is my credit limit?

We start your account with a 1000 SEK limit. This can be increased over time as your spending increases. If you would like us to notify you every time we increase your accounts credit limit contact our support. Similarly, if you do not wish for us to increase your credit limit please let us know.

When do we send invoices?

We will send you your invoice on the 1st of every month. You have 30 days to pay your invoice.

Is it possible to send invoices to multiple email accounts?

Yes. Contact our support to add an extra mailing address for invoicing.

Is it possible to receive separate invoices for sub accounts?

Unfortunately it is not possible to receive separate invoices. To get a breakdown of your bill, go to Reports in your accounts dashboard where you can filter your account by sub-account to get a detailed history of the all sub-account spending.

How can I check my credit balance?

If you log in to your 46elks account, you will be able to see how much credits you have left. It’s also possible to check the balance using our API and the /Me resource.

What API response do I get when out of credits?

If your account has no credits left, any API call that require credits to execute will return a 403-error and a more explanatory “Not enough credits”-text in the response text.

Will I get reminders when my credits are low?

Yes, if your balance is below 2 EUR or 20 SEK you’ll get a reminder. You can also build your own balance check using the API (see above).


Can I verify that callbacks are from 46elks?

The recommended approach is using IP firewalling to only allow requests from our trusted IP addresses. We currently use, and for IPv4 and 2001:9b0:2:902::199 for IPv6 callbacks.

All customers will be informed via email when these details change.

My HTTPS callback are not working?

We conform to Mozilla’s standard list of Certificate Authorities. Some SSL certificates are issued with intermediary certificates not yet included in the Mozilla suite. Such certificates are treated like self-signed and you can override our default validation by telling 46elks to skip validation of your certificate. Email for further details.

SMS text messaging

Can I test the API without cost?

Yes, if you send an SMS to the number +46700000000 no actual SMS will be sent to the mobile networks and your account will not be charged.

How can I forward incoming SMS to a cell phone?

You can add a JSON like this {"forward":"+46766861004"} in the sms_url. It will forward the message to the that number and keep the sender id.

How can I send Flash SMS?

Set the parameter flashsms to yes, and then send the SMS just as a regular SMS. We do not charge extra for sending Flash SMS.

How fast can I send SMS?

You can send 100 SMS messages per minute. Sending more message to the API will not fail, but instead be queued for sending as fast as possible. If your application needs greater sending speeds than this, contact us for details.

Voice calls

Are incoming calls really free?

Yes. We do not charge for incoming calls, unless they in turn are transferred (with the “connection action”) to another destination.

In order to receive incoming calls, you need to have a phone number and the phone number is associated with a monthly fee.

Can I call myself to test the API?

You can call your personal mobile number from a 46elks virtual phone number. You cannot call your personal mobile number with the same number as the caller ID.

How long are recordings stored?

Recordings and recorded calls are stored for at least 72 hours.

What does an outgoing call cost?

For each started minute of outgoing voice call, we will charge you according to the rate for the destination you are calling. The same rate applies for transferred calls as well.

Where can I transfer calls?

Incoming calls can be transfered to another phone number by using the “connect” action. The cost for transfered calls is the same as for outgoing calls, as listed above.

Due to restrictions, in some countries such as Sweden incoming calls to mobile 46elks phone numbers can only be transferred to other mobile phone numbers within the same country.