Full two-way SMS communication

With just a few more lines of code you can use the 46elks API to both send and receive SMS, opening up for full two-way communication between you and your users.

No-fuss signup

Signup up and start testing without dealing with contracts, sales reps or MRCs. We’re here to talk when you’re ready to scale.

Transparent pricing

Pay only for what you use with no startup fees and no minimum monthly costs. Invoicing and volume discounts available for businesses.

Works in all projects

Swift, Rust, JavaScript, C++ — you can use the 46elks API no matter what language your codebase is written in.

Person to person

Easily integrate SMS into your existing workflow for sales, customer support or anywhere else you need to keep track of ”who said what” without forcing the customer into a custom ticket system.

Application to person

Automatically send out interactive reminders, notifications or promotions to your customers at scale. No matter what you're doing, 46elks makes automatic feedback collection super easy.

Global by default

Get started within minutes with local phone numbers in more than 45 countries.

Simple setup

Allocate a new number for incoming SMS in the dashboard with just a few clicks.

Truly local numbers

Texts to your 46elks number cost the same as texts to ”normal” phone numbers in that country.

High throughput

Send 100 SMS per minute by default. Higher throughput available upon request.

Full UTF-8 support

Send and receive messages in all languages, including Arabic and Chinese and emoji 💯

Scales with your needs

Allocate one or more number per project. Or use a single number for all your projects. The choice is yours.

Two-way SMS in use

The restaurant industry has always struggled with keeping track of staff. Caspeco changed all that for their customers by integrating two-way SMS into their product.

Caspeco logo

Caspeco, a service provider for the restaurant and hotel industry, build and serve hundreds of companies with top-modern tools for maintaining employees, payroll, accounting, booking systems and much more.

Using the 46elks API, Caspeco automates scheduling of restaurant staff and waiters for over 600 restaurants all around Sweden.

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