Telecom infrastructure for the web.

Integrate SMS, MMS and Phone calls into your applications with just a few lines of code. Transparent pricing, no startup fees, no minimum monthly costs.

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Our mission: To provide simple, programmatic access to telephony all over the world. Our infrastructure provides reliable access to over 1000 carriers in 200 countries, all through an easy to use API.


Use the 46elks API to create great applications and experiences for your customers.


Showing prices for 🇸🇪 Sweden.

You can purchase Virtual Phone Numbers in all our supported countries and send/receive traffic all over the world, no matter where you’re based. All prices are based upon normal usage – for volume pricing and more, see our full pricing page.

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Currency SEK
Inbound SMS 0.00 SEK
per message
Inbound MMS 0.00 SEK
per message
Outbound SMS 0.35 SEK
per message
Outbound MMS 1.25 SEK
per message
Inbound calls 0.00 SEK
per minute
Virtual numbers 9 SEK
(mobile) monthly
Outbound calls 0.57 SEK
(mobile) per minute
Virtual numbers 9 SEK
(landline) monthly
Outbound calls 0.15 SEK
(landline) per minute

All prices are listed excluding VAT.






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Call channels

30 monthly 30 monthly

All prices are listed excluding VAT.

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