Update a subaccount


POST https://api.46elks.com/a1/subaccounts/{id}

Request parameters

Parameter Example Description
name Company XYZ Name of subaccount
usagelimit 9000000
The usage limit for the subaccount. Set to "none" to remove the limit.
secret F1A42948A3... New secret for the subaccount.
active no Permanently deactivate the subaccount. The subaccount can't have any active numbers allocated

Response structure

Example JSON response
  "secret": "D81DEF1B65E19A83DBCEA0BE0D89D082",
  "created": "2014-12-08T13:18:07.625000",
  "usagelimit": 99999999999,
  "id": "af3d05a159669e1951c5301bc6a61bac",
  "name": "This Co",
  "balanceused": 12300
Parameter Type Description
id string ID of the subaccount, used as API username for requests by the subaccount.
secret string The secret of the account, used as API password for requests by the subaccount.
name string Name of the account.
created string Time and date when the account was created.
usagelimit integer The max amount of credits the subaccount may use.
balanceused integer The amount of credits the subaccount has used.