Update account information


POST https://api.46elks.com/a1/me

Request parameters

Parameter Example Description
creditalert 2000000 Alert credits level.

Response structure

  "mobilenumber": "+46766861647",
  "displayname": "Your name or company",
  "id": "u5a9566c072160b318445d163949bf505",
  "currency": "SEK",
  "balance": 9670500,
  "email": "help@46elks.com",
  "creditalert": 200000
Parameter Type Description
id string Unique account id.
currency string The currency used by the account for example SEK or EUR.
displayname string The name of the account.
mobilenumber string The mobile phone number of the account owner in E.164 format.
email string The email of the account owner.
balance integer Current balance of the account.
creditalert integer The level when 46elks will send a reminder to the account owner about low balance.