Get MMS by ID



Response structure

Example JSON response
  "id": "m84af96809ff8989f3668c93aaaedb69c",
  "direction": "incoming",
  "from": "+46700000000",
  "created": "2016-08-18T09:55:31.116000",
  "to": "+46700000000",
  "message": "Message text.",
  "images": [
Parameter Type Description
id string ID of the MMS.
direction string incoming or outgoing.
from string The sender.
to string The phone number of the recipient, in E.164 format.
created string The time in UTC when the MMS was created.
delivered string The time in UTC when the MMS was delivered.
message string The content of the MMS, same as the message parameter. Not included in the response if dontlog=message is set.
status string recieved (recieved to our servers), sent (sent to the phone netword) or delivered (delivered to the recipient).
cost integer The cost of sending the MMS. Specified in 10000s of the currency of the account (SEK or EUR). For example, for an account with currency SEK, a cost of 3500 means that the cost was 0.35SEK.
images list Array containing IDs for the included images.