List all virtual phone numbers



Response structure

  "data": [
      "id": "n0ba74fef557dfcec3a96d8d4477ae634",
      "active": "yes",
      "category": "mobile",
      "capabilities": [
      "country": "se",
      "number": "+46766861217",
      "created": "2018-02-07T14:14:14.834000",
      "allocated": "2018-02-16T15:53:19.737000",
      "deallocated": "2018-02-22T15:23:01.611000",
      "name": "Support phone"
    // ...
Parameter Description
data list of virtual phone numbers the same format as in show virtual phone number by id.
next created tme for the next page if more numbers are available

Additional info

The list will show all virtual phone numbers associated with your account, both active and inactive. This will list all up to 100 virtual phone numbers. Use the start and end parameters to page through the history.