In order to send a SMS with POSTman you need:

  1. Download and install POSTman
  2. An 46elks account

What we want to achieve:

  1. Set up POSTman to make API requests
  2. Make a POST request
  3. Send a SMS with 46elks API

Open POSTman

Make a POST request to 46elks API

When you are making a request to an API there is one base URL for each API out on the internet. Adding an endpoint to the URL is to tell the API which specific part that you want to use. You can read more about that in the documentation.

Authenticate with your API keys

Send a SMS

Now we will send a SMS so we need to add some parameters which will be the contents, to and from the SMS will be sent.
You can read more about the parameters in the documentation

Do you need help?

Our support is always open for you and we are happy to help.