1. Create a user

To send an SMS with 46elks you first have to create an account. Go to the registration page and fill in your details. You will then receive an automatic phone call to verify your new account.

2. Open Postman

Open upp Postman. If you’re new to POSTman, you can download it at http://getpostman.com.

3. Make a request to the API.

We take a look at the documentation on how to send an sms.

3.1 URL

We change request method from GET to POST and enter the url https://api.46elks.com/a1/SMS into POSTman.
POSTman - change request method

3.2 The message

Let’s send details to the API about the message!
Select body:
POSTman - body

Select correct format:
POSTman - body

Add details about who to send the message to, your number as the sender and the message:
POSTman - add to from and messsage - key value pairs

3.3 Username and password

We need to authenticate ourselves!
POSTman - basic auth
insert username and password

You’ll find your username and password in the dashboard.
apiusername and apipassword

Insert your apiusername and apipassword with username and password

4. Send it!

hit send