46elks expands to Finland

Swedish startup 46elks, which delivers voice and text messaging in one easy API, now launches full support in Finland. The 46elks API enables features like staff scheduling, two factor authentication, number verification, click to call, and much more. All features and full support will be available in Finland starting, 26th of October. Finnish companies such as Huoltokanava, Ukko.fi and LeadDesk are already using their service.

46elks has been supplying developers with full access to the phone network for several years but outside of Sweden it has been a manual process with limitations in functionality. Going forward, users in Finland can now open and close phone numbers themselves without any delay. In addition to this, all numbers will be enabled to handle both text messages and calls.

- We have seen a great interest from the Finnish market when it comes to these functionalities, so are very happy to be able to make this announcement. The rollout in Finland is more than just providing automatic number allocation and two-way support for texts and voice calls – it is also a dedication to supply the market with a high-level quality service for the foreseeable future, explains Johannes Lundberg, CEO of 46elks.

To ensure that everything works smoothly, detailed monitoring of SMS traffic and phone connections, similar to what is already live in Sweden, has been set up. This makes it possible to quickly detect any irregularities and thus instantly be able to resolve or mitigate them. Additional connections to the Finnish telephone networks have also been added to be able to immediately reroute traffic when issues occur on the default connections.

Adaptations to the Finnish market

With 46elks you only pay for the traffic you initiate, incoming calls and texts are free of charge. They also have a set price per country, which means you pay the same rate regardless of which operator the receiver is using. Payment in EUR is fully supported on the platform including SEPA payments. This gives a transparency and also means no unpredictable charges due to currency fluctuations.

46elks are also looking to hire developers in Finland shortly, to provide local support.

About 46elks:

46elks believes that adding SMS and voice to your application or service should be easy. Started in 2011 in Uppsala, Sweden - the mission for 46elks is to be the natural choice for developers who need to use SMS, phone numbers or voice in their applications and to provide an API simple enough for any web developer to use.

Read more about 46elks features here: http://www.46elks.com/features

For more information, please contact:

Johannes Lundberg, CEO
+46 70 450 84 49