Get started

In order to use the API to make phone calls, you need the following:

Adding a virtual phone number

To instantly add a virtual number to your account:

  1. Login to your 46elks account
  2. In your dashboard click "Buy number" or click here if you are already logged in
  3. Where to find the buy number button in your 46elks dashboard

  4. Select a number from the dashboard. Ensure your select the number you need according to the category, cost and capabilities of each number. For this tutorial the number should have voice capabilities.
  5. Highlight the abilities of each of the numbers

  6. Approve the purchase of your new 46elks number and you are done. You will be charged directly and on a recurring monthly basis.


The basic API request to make a phone call contains three key:value pairs which are to, from and voice_start.

The to parameter should be the E.164 formatted number of the recipient.
Example: +46766861004.

The from parameter should be your 46elks virtual phone number formatted in the E.164 format.
Example: +46766866966.

The voice_start parameter contains instructions that are executed once the phone call is connected. In this case, the instruction is to play an audio file.

The play call action takes valid url as a value. This url should load an audio file that will be played once the call is connected.


Test it out 😊

Try making a call to the phone number you created your 46elks account with.

Tips to help you get started:

Whilst the outcome is very powerful, this is a basic example of how to implement phone calls with the 46elks API. Below is some more information about other call actions that can empower your applications.

Call Actions

Once the phone call has been connected, there are several call actions available when using the 46elks API. Below are a few examples of how you can use call actions:

If you need help getting setup, our customer success team can help you get started with the API tools you will need to suit your use case.


We bill you per initiated minute of the outgoing phone call. For example:

When you receive incoming phone calls to your 46elks virtual phone numbers this will not inccur a cost unless you use the connect action. These connected calls will be charged as regular calls as we create a second outgoing call.

More info

Get in touch with our support and we'll help you out.