More customers means more customer service

Over the last years addCar have expanded into new locations across Europe and North America through i local cooperating partners. While doing so, addCar have made it their top priority that local partners continue to deliver a high standard of customer service that customers have become familiar with.

Car rental companies are transforming with a focus on improving response rates, becoming more transparent with pricing and implementing new technologies to improve customer experiences. However, the check-in procedure for car rental remains an often slow and uninspiring process. Given that checking in and receiving your car is a key interaction, every effort must be made to make this a positive interaction.

Modernising check-in experiences

Check-in processes in general but specifically for car rental companies is the first point of contact in providing superior customer service, especially when it comes to customer complaints. The dissatisfaction comes from lack of information on pickup locations, additional payments, extended waiting times and general travelling stresses.

SMS for the extra touch

Providing the best possible check-in and pickup service is thus essential. Addcar has added SMS to their process using the 46elks SMS API. AddCar sends customers and SMS with the location of the pickup point and other pickup instructions several hours before the allocated pick up time. Often those pickup points are at airports which means instructions come when their customers have landed from a flight. This means addCar’s customers know exactly how to proceed without having to search high and low in foreign countries but rather proceed quickly and confidently to the pickup location.

“SMS is a great way to point customers in the right direction as soon as they land at the airport, a friendly reminder that makes all the difference” - Kristian Kirchheiner - Founder -addCar

Additionally, addCar use the 46elks Phone Calls API to forward calls from the same number that they use to send SMS. With the 46elks API, you can send SMS and make Phone Calls with the same number (available in certain countries).

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