We have our own servers!

The vision of our company is big. We want to ease the pain for developers and millions of  SMBs ( Small & Medium Businesses) around the world to communicate with their customers and users in the most cost effective way and that is why we exist to provide such services. As a business owner you want to connect your service to the 46elks platform in a matter of minutes and start to send or receive SMS, Initiating phone calls or receiving phone calls from your potential leads, customers and users. This can be done in a matter of minutes instead of months for the business owner but in the backend we have to take care of many things.

Scalability, Security, Simplicity, redundancy and more detailed consideration should be done to provide such a robust platform. We are into real communications so delays are not accepted and we knew that all of our customers want the best quality with their choice of communication channels; It is the reason that from day one, we have had our own servers. This makes a comfort for us that the Quality will not degrade. Now, do not hesitate and empower your applications and business with the 46elks platform!