24 hour business camp

Date: October 25th, 2011 | Author: Pejman

24 hour business camp 24hbc is about to create and launch a web-based business in 24 hours. is it possible? well this is the whole idea behind the event. 24 hour business camp will be held in stockholm from 30 october till 1st of november. We are excited to announce that one of the ideas selected by the jury to participate in the event is "killer support". Killer support team wants to launch a help desk system with SMS and Voice functionality in just 24 hours. impossible to do? We think it will be possible and we want to prove the power of our platform. Attention: all partipants of 24hbc can use 46elks platform to empower their apps and ideas by Voice and SMS technology. Although our documentation is very easy and simple to understand, but we try to provide additional support during the event in case you have questions.