We are bringing Voice to the party!

Date: July 27th, 2011 | Author: Pejman

46elks team is happy to announce its second release of the platform. Now you can connect your applications to the "Voice" as well. Prior to this release, you had access to SMS options and features. Please don't hesitate to register for an invitation. We try to provide you access as soon as possible and it is FREE to use for the moment. We would like to see more real examples of the platform by our early enthusiasts and people who have passion and cool idea to build magnificent applications based on our API. Feedback Channels: Option 1 : Send your feedback via SMS to this number: +46 76 686 1004 Option 2 : Email us at help [at] 46elks.com Option 3: reply to us on our twitter account at @46elks One more thing! We have a brand new website and dashboard. If you have already the invitation username and password, Expect an email from us in the upcoming days regarding how to login to your beautiful dashboard.