46elks at Coopathon

You can integrate telephony 📞 in your project!

Code examples in many different programming languages (PHP, node, java, elixir, ruby... ) are available on github.

An example (python) of how you can use the 46elks API to send an SMS:

import requests

fields = {
    'from': 'Coopathon',
    'to': '+385996768133',
    'message': 'Hi Ingrid! Welcome to Coopathon!
    Together we will make our community better.'

auth = (

requests.post("https://api.46elks.com/a1/SMS", data=fields, auth=auth)

Register an account to get a USERNAME and a PASSWORD. You can use the API for free during the hackathon, and you can keep the credits and play with them after the hackathon as well. :)

You can ask Rene questions about APIs (46elks and other APIs). If you need help or code examples on how to use an API - contact Rene (rene@46elks.com +385996768133). Rene is also available on the hackathons official app and other communication channels provided by the organiser.